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  • "Baldwin accomplished incredible Mandarin lessons with my lively 9-year-old boy. He found ways of keeping him engaged and of conveying the information in ways that made it stick. He made my son’s first serious encounter with Mandarin a positive and productive one. I highly recommend Jago Mandarin as number one private mandarin tutor at Jakarta to other parents who want to get their kids’ Mandarin education off to a strong start." - Anna (Jakarta International School)

  • "My child is very excited to see Baldwin. This indicates to me that he is doing a very well job as Mandarin teacher. This is only the fourth lesson, but I am very pleased with his patience, being on time and being prepared. He teaches in a fun way. Thank you Jago Mandarin. You guys are my favorite private Mandarin teacher at Jakarta!" - Lucy (British International School)

  • "Baldwin is an incredible Mandarin teacher at Jakarta Selatan. My 10-year-old daughter and I have been working with Jago Mandarin for 6 months and we have learned (and continue to learn) a tremendous amount. My daughters regularly break-out in Mandarin song, and talk to each other and to me using a mix of English and Mandarin words. Baldwin is professional, prepared, and organized. Additionally, he is firm about lesson time - there is room for fun, but Mandarin lessons are to be taken seriously and he, rightfully, expects his students to participate and work hard. Baldwin's passion for teaching Mandarin and exposing us to the Chinese culture is evident in the care he puts into lesson plans, his reviews of materials learned, and the energy he brings to each lesson. We are extremely fortunate to have Baldwin as our private Mandarin teacher and to know him as a person." - Susy (Binus International School Simprug)

  • "I have had experience with a number of Mandarin language-learning techniques in the past – grammar and vocabulary drills in a classroom setting, self-teaching with recordings and books – but working one-on-one with Baldwin has been by far the most effective way to really make some progress with a challenging new language. Moreover, the lessons I took through the Jago Mandarin were always well-organized, flexible to accommodate a busy schedule, and tailored to my specific goals as a student, and Baldwin was always patient and pleasant to work with!" - James (Director of multinational consumer goods company)

  • "I travel to China frequently for business. I have tried learning Mandarin independently for a number of years with no success. Recently I started one-on-one lessons with Jago Mandarin. The one-on-one Mandarin lessons are very, very effective and the teacher is patient and understanding. I am finally making progress with basic Mandarin vocabulary and tones. I plan to continue my training into the future. I would highly recommend one-on-one lessons with Jago Mandarin as a professional private Mandarin tutor at Jakarta to anyone who seriously wants to learn or improve their Mandarin skills." - Andi (Director of multinational banking company)

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